Twelve Days of Christmas: Fifth Day

Mom would select a Saturday afternoon in early November for an appointment with  Canajoharie’s photographer,  Maurice LeBel. He arrived with his tripod, fancy camera, flood lights on poles, [...]


Lessons from a Small Town: Swimming

The Crick The big kids in Ames swam in the crick. I was not allowed. When I was little, my mother warned me not to swim in the tempting watering hole in the summertime. She said there were [...]


Lesson from a Small Town: Child’s Play

Child’s play is kid’s work and I worked very hard at playing when I was a kid. For me, my 1950’s childhood was a time of self-discovery during an era when it was safe to wander about the [...]


Lesson from a Small Town: Following Directions

Mothers give directions and expect their children to follow them. My mother gave many directions. I listened to my mother and followed some. Others I ignored.   “Don’t look under the paper [...]


Lesson from a Small Town: The Trophy

The word athletic was only used once in my life to describe me and it appeared on a trophy.  It will probably never be used again, but at least I had my moment. The lead up to my athletic [...]


Lessons from a Small Town: Santa

Dear Santa, I need to know if you are real. My friend Joanie said of course you are real. She asked me, “Where else would all of the presents come from? Nobody has that much money!” She is the [...]


Lessons from a Small Town: Healthcare

Initial Healthcare Birth:  November 10, 1952 Location: Nathan Littauer Hospital, Gloversville, NY. Weight: 6lbs. 13ozs. Medical cost: $72.95. My Mom said mine was an uneventful birth. When my [...]