The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-nine

You can call it indecisive. But I call it thoughtful. When faced with a decision, I try to see all angles. First I am on one side. And then I shift to the other. I go back and forth and the lines [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-five

I like order. For one thing, all of my can good labels face outward on the shelves. In my closet, I line up my shoes by color. In addition, the the toilet paper sheets roll over not under in each [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Twenty-six

Tight shell on her back, she crawled out of the water. Although the lack of ability to grow in a linear fashion limited her, she knew what to do. It was time to shed her hard exoskeleton on the [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Twenty-three

She was known as the Queen of the Sea. Years of salty waves pitted and scuffed her once smooth ebony shell. All of her inhabitants moved out.  Her spiral interior is empty. I pushed away the sand [...]


Past and Future Whispers

  Towards the end of December, humanity turns up the volume and whispers can be hard to detect.  It becomes a challenge to tune in the frequency of our inner voice. Households fill up with [...]


Whispers from the Ghost of Christmas Past

You know those familiar whispers from The Ghost of Christmas Past: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” “I’ll be home for Christmas…” [...]


The Blue Ornament

David, I know you are watching. Please be with me during my surgery and help me not to be scared. My half-opened eyes nervously squinted back in the mirror. That morning in the pre-dawn chill of [...]


Practice Makes Perfect

Mother Nature sure is a taskmaster! She does not know it, but she has been preparing me for my upcoming retirement. But does she have to be so ruthless??   As a teacher I am subject to “snow [...]


A Little Change

Just because it says “artificial” doesn’t mean it isn’t real! This holiday season I embraced “a little change” and I wanted to let you know that I am feeling fine with it. Have I gotten lazy? Of [...]