York Pathways Center for Grief & Loss Workshop

Finding Strength From Your Whispers  Perhaps you have a friend or a loved one who has suffered a loss. It is a lonely, difficult time. I know. When I discovered my whispers after the death of my [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-two

The shell Craig picked up was the biggest in my collection. I happily added it to the others. When Craig came into our family, I gained a son-in-law, a husband to my daughter, a brother-in-law to [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Twenty

On my walk along the beach each morning, I marvel at the different styles of the water. Some days, the tide tip-toes to the edge. Other mornings, the sea hurls its frothy water at me. But [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Eight

“Here.” Will, my two-year-old grandson picked up the first shell he saw and handed it to me. His decision was swift. Ocean Whisper: Measured decision making skills take years to fully [...]


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Six

My life is not perfect. There have been times when the holes have overshadowed the solid parts.                                                                             […]


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Five

I see the shine. I am attracted to it. Then I examine it more closely. Ocean Whisper: Just because it shines does not mean it is valuable; a slick veneer chips and fades with time.


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Four

My daughter gave me a bracelet with the inscription, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” (Shakespeare) Samantha knows my strength.    Ocean Whisper: My body size does not [...]


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Three

Dreams are the day’s leftovers. Their hushed voices speak volumes. Ocean Whisper: The razor clam sliced through the confusion of last night’s dreams.


The Daily Shell: Ocean Whispers- Introduction

A shell shouted to me from the sand. The volume of my whispers could not be turned down. Since that unforgettable autumn day in 1976, when the message- this is the man you are going to [...]

Lessons from a Small Town: Church

  Church. My family and I regularly walked there on Sunday mornings in Ames, New York, no matter the weather. Marching in a line, the six of us navigated the irregular slabs of the village’s [...]

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