Family Reunion Memories

The upcoming holiday season provides numerous opportunities for family gatherings. When nostalgia becomes an accelerant, we can fall victim to unrealistic expectations. So stay alert and keep it [...]


Pathways Center for Grief & Loss Workshop

Finding Strength From Your Whispers Perhaps you have a friend or a loved one who has suffered a loss. It is a lonely, difficult time. I know. When I discovered my whispers after the death of my [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-two

The shell Craig picked up was the biggest in my collection. I happily added it to the others. When Craig came into our family, I gained a son-in-law, a husband to my daughter, a brother-in-law to [...]


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Nine

Young girls sold painted sea shells on the sidewalk outside of their beach house. I bought four. Ocean Whisper: My grandchildren will inherit my world; I like to pave the way with kindness. [...]


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Seven

My grandchild Charlotte and I walked hand in hand on the beach. It was her turn to find a shell. Ocean Whisper: God scatters precious gifts on the shoreline; little hands inspect the sand and [...]


Lesson from a Small Town: Following Directions

Mothers give directions and expect their children to follow them. My mother gave many directions. I listened to my mother and followed some. Others I ignored.   “Don’t look under the paper [...]


Cupid’s Whispers

In February it is difficult to get away from the focus on couples. The best locations belong to romantic tables for two in expensive restaurants. Pampered pairs receive exceptional [...]


Love Whispers

My rusty, outdated Ford LTD sedan cruised down the narrow Delaware County, Pennsylvania roadway at a steady 50 miles per hour. Dilapidated, whitewashed wooden horse fences protected the pristine [...]


The Blue Ornament

David, I know you are watching. Please be with me during my surgery and help me not to be scared. My half-opened eyes nervously squinted back in the mirror. That morning in the pre-dawn chill of [...]


A Holiday Wish

Two years ago my four-year-old grandson took his turn sitting on Santa’s lap during his pre-school’s holiday breakfast. It was his chance to have a one-on-one discussion about [...]

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