Lesson from a Small Town: Child’s Play

Child’s play is kid’s work and I worked very hard at playing when I was a kid. For me, my 1950’s childhood was a time of self-discovery during an era when it was safe to wander about the [...]


Lesson from a Small Town: Following Directions

Mothers give directions and expect their children to follow them. My mother gave many directions. I listened to my mother and followed some. Others I ignored.   “Don’t look under the paper [...]

Lessons from a Small Town: Church

  Church. My family and I regularly walked there on Sunday mornings in Ames, New York, no matter the weather. Marching in a line, the six of us navigated the irregular slabs of the village’s [...]


Lesson from a Small Town: A Christmas Tree

The frayed collar on my wool snow suit irritated my neck. My little fingers scraped the raw skin under my curls. There was no relief. The itching only made my neck bumpy and hot so I opened my [...]


Walking the Bridge

    “Children are the bridge to heaven” (Proverb)   When I learned that my oldest sister Chris was coming to New York City for a month from her home in California, I decided to [...]