The Daily Shell: Farewell

Beginning As a writer, I know what is in my head and what I want to empty out. But, I never know for certain where my messages will land. I can watch my words expand on my computer screen. [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Forty-two

Each morning, the various shells gather on the shoreline. How do they decide how to line up? Some of them wash up small and broken. While others roll in with full colorful displays. Once [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Forty-one

One shell supported another. The bigger shell lifted up the smaller and they fused together as one. United, they faced the force of the waves.  Ocean Whisper: When my knees start to buckle, I [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Forty

On some mornings, the sand feels firm under my feet. On other days, it squishes and collects between my toes. Once, I sank in the granular goop up to my ankles. Since I never know what the day [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-nine

You can call it indecisive. But I call it thoughtful. When faced with a decision, I try to see all angles. First I am on one side. And then I shift to the other. I go back and forth and the lines [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-eight

The two hinged sides of the small bivalve rested in an open position on the sand. Connected by a moist ligament, her identical shells faced one another. Even though her tenant vacated its home, [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-seven

The small speck tucked inside the pure, white shell reminded me of the early stages of my confidence. My little voice began as a tiny seed in my head. Years of life experiences nourished it and [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-six

For me, there are two kinds of lines. First of all, there are lines I can see. I allow my eyes to focus on these visible guides to protect me. And the other ones are the lines I can feel. [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-four

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Call me this and call me that but call yourself a dirty rat.” As a little girl, I engaged in my share of [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-three

“Mimi, I want to go parasailing with you. I think Max does too.” I embraced this leap of faith request from my seven-year-old granddaughter. She knew how much I enjoyed the summertime [...]

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