Family Reunion Memories

The upcoming holiday season provides numerous opportunities for family gatherings. When nostalgia becomes an accelerant, we can fall victim to unrealistic expectations. So stay alert and keep it [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirty-two

The shell Craig picked up was the biggest in my collection. I happily added it to the others. When Craig came into our family, I gained a son-in-law, a husband to my daughter, a brother-in-law to [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Eighteen

One by one, my friend Wendy rescued the shell family from the shallow water and brought them to my hands for safekeeping. Ocean Whisper: When I am given an opportunity to extend my hand to a [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Sixteen

The view on the beach of my son and daughter playing with their own children mirrored my life of three decades ago. I thanked God for the reflection. Ocean Whisper: The ripples of my life pool [...]


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Seven

My grandchild Charlotte and I walked hand in hand on the beach. It was her turn to find a shell. Ocean Whisper: God scatters precious gifts on the shoreline; little hands inspect the sand and [...]

Lessons from a Small Town: Church

  Church. My family and I regularly walked there on Sunday mornings in Ames, New York, no matter the weather. Marching in a line, the six of us navigated the irregular slabs of the village’s [...]


Whispers from the Ghost of Christmas Past

You know those familiar whispers from The Ghost of Christmas Past: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” “I’ll be home for Christmas…” [...]


Thankful for What?

      November Whisper: Thankful for What? Thanksgiving is a good start to the holiday season. It is not a gift giving event so we don’t have to stress about the shopping count-down. All [...]


Olivia’s House

  What a pretty girl’s name for a very beautiful place. I was invited by the Founder and Bereavement Specialist, Leslie Delp, to visit her premier freestanding, independent grief and [...]


Giving Thanks

Holiday television shows and advertisements are fun to watch, but they usually give us an unrealistic view of life. The hype of the upcoming seasons blasts into our homes like an avalanche, [...]