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What I liked and appreciated best about author Kim Meredith’s book -” Listen for the Whispers: Coping with grief and learning to love again” – was that she fully stepped beyond her own personal sadness and grieving and added some helpful material to the pages of her book. She address ways to cope and handle what she personally went through dealing with the loss of her husband. She does not dwell on her own loss but seems to grow from it and expands. How she deals with what happened to her life when her husband dies are in the details of her memoir – but what truly comes across is her heartfelt spirit. This book is not just a telling of her experiences but more of an X-ray of her soul as she learns many lessons about her own self and life.

I started this book late one afternoon and then felt the need to get up at four in the morning to finish reading it before I could be interrupted by phone calls and emails. I wanted to absorb her feelings without having my attention distracted by my friends or family. So it was in the quiet hours of the early dawn that I read the final pages of her book. I now feel, as a minister, I have a great working tool to give to others who may have lost a loved one. The author provides a wonderful blue print of sorts on she handled things that seems very wide and loose enough to accommodate other people’s needs.

You cannot help but come away liking Kim – her humbleness aside – she comes across as honest and loving and as someone you would love to speed time with in conversation if you needed a real friend. She writes well and captures the moments without beating you up with her widowhood. This is not a “I feel sad and sorry for myself book” – but one about a rebirth of purpose and love. It is an easy read that is both moving and inspiring. A book that is a cut above most other books about losing husbands and loved ones. She elevates her personal story by a positive sharing – without sermons or self-pity. A good story worth sharing with friends and family. I recommend this book if you are looking for some emotional or spiritual relief from the grieving process – or, if you wish to gift to somebody else that is dealing with these issues.

Thank you for sharing your story Kim!

W. H. McDonald Jr.
Founder of The Military Writers Society of America
Author, award winning poet, international motivational speaker
minister and advocate for veteran causes.

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