Listen for the Whispers Roll-Out

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Listen for the Whispers is available directly on this website, or purchase the Kindle edition on Amazon.


Listen for the WhispersKim Kluxen Meredith survived the loss of her beloved husband by listening to and believing in the little whispers that most of us choose to ignore.

After a tragic one-car accident, a young mother catapults from an idyllic life to one filled with grief and uncertainty. David Kluxen survived the accident but was paralyzed from the neck down. Now, both he and his beloved wife Kim knew that a lifetime of plans and wishes must be condensed into his remaining hours and days. By listening to the guiding whispers within her, Kim Kluxen Meredith’s journey from unfathomable heartache to a life once again filled with love and laughter is the inspiring story of hope for everyone who has experienced the loss of someone beloved to them.

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