I write about life. My life. The best of times. The worst of times.

My childhood adventures in the small village of Ames, New York speak to a time when Popsicles were double-sized ice treats for a nickel and a split rail fence turned into a wild stallion lassoed with a jump rope on a summer afternoon.

Missteps and mistakes fortified my tiny voice as I explored my backyard world.

I left home after high school. I pet kangaroos in Australia. I rode a camel in Morocco. I lived in Spain and drank wine before noon.

Through my childhood stories, I can be a kid again. Maybe you would like to join me in this innocent state.

In 1993 tragedy struck. My uninvited status of widowhood threw me on grief’s dark path. My whispers guided me back into the light. Through my book, Listen for the Whispers : Coping with Grief & Learning to Live Again, and my grief and inspirational blog posts on this site, I hope to spread a feeling of renewed hope and optimism.

In 2017 my whispers followed me to the beach resort of Ocean City, New Jersey.  While walking along the shoreline each morning during my vacation, I gathered one seashell. Each shell spoke to me in a special way. Ocean Whispers ( June 2018) perpetuates my desire to share joyful, universal messages for an authentic life of gratitude.

Step into my world and sit a spell.

— Kim

Kim Meredith Kluxen