The Daily Shell: Number Nineteen

My one-year-old granddaughter Emily’s tiny hands clutched the plastic shovel. She pushed with all her might through the wet sand and then tried to put both of her feet in the slender divot. [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Eighteen

One by one, my friend Wendy rescued the shell family from the shallow water and brought them to my hands for safekeeping. Ocean Whisper: When I am given an opportunity to extend my hand to a [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Seventeen

Sometimes I have to remind myself that after a dark night, the sun will dutifully rise to spread the warmth of its morning light. Ocean Whisper: Deep within the darkness, a flicker of light waits.


The Daily Shell: Number Sixteen

The view on the beach of my son and daughter playing with their own children mirrored my life of three decades ago. I thanked God for the reflection. Ocean Whisper: The ripples of my life pool [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Fifteen

The eye of the hurricane presents a misleading lull. The coriolis force deflects the wind away from the center, causing the outer bands to rotate around it. Ocean Whisper: My calm appearance can [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Fourteen

On my walk, I noticed that the bigger waves carry the larger shells to the shoreline.   Ocean Whisper: Fortunately, through the years my shoulders have broadened to carry the added weight of [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Thirteen

Low tide. Cool sand. Bright sunlight. I welcome a new day on my morning walk.   Ocean Whisper: Nature provides us with a reset; each day begins in a state of innocence.


The Daily Shell: Number Twelve

The salty fingers of the waves grabbed the shell and strummed the chords of the ocean. Ocean Whisper: Music is everywhere, I just need to recognize the instruments.


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Eleven

We looked at each other in the morning sun light. And then we went home together. Ocean Whisper: Each relationship begins with a first glance.


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Ten

Charlotte enjoyed her 7th birthday today. Fireworks, hotdogs, a parade and cupcakes with miniature flags joined her.   Ocean Whisper: When another year, another layer of life, surfaces, it [...]

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