A Special Christmas Gift

Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some have ribbons and some have bows. I wrote this story in 2012 about one of the best gifts I ever received. My story appeared in three holiday [...]


Sister Whispers

For the past 4 years in mid-August, my older sister Christine has invited me to her fabulous, rustic cabin on Lake George, New York. With my extensive beach time in the rear view mirror, this [...]


You Are My Hero

  After a brief illness, my late husband’s 92 year-old father, David S. Kluxen Sr., took his last breath this week. The details of his death aren’t important. His long, well-lived life is [...]


Signs of Lancaster County

My book developer, Jill Swenson, alerted me to Tana Reiff’s upcoming book, Signs of Lancaster County: A Photographic Tour of Amish Country   (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.) a few months ago. I [...]


Little Free Library First Donation

  I was giddy when I left a whisper this month in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. An autographed copy of my book, Listen for the Whispers: Coping with Grief and Learning to Live [...]


March Madness

Oh, March!  What madness you bring! You tease me with a glimmer of sunshine and then turn around and pile on a layer of snow to smother my hope. The wildlife is as confused as I am. Afraid to [...]


Wings and Feet

I have a “wings” event coming up soon—my 62nd birthday. It won’t be like my 60th party where I took it over the top with tiaras and jewels.  Mimicking the event across the pond when the Queen of [...]


Poop on the Dunes

I see what I know. As an adult, I instinctively make connections to previous knowledge when I am introduced to something new. This process somewhat diminishes the impact of its novelty, but it [...]


The Truth Tree

 Paint wears off. Lacquer chips. Stain fades. But underneath them all, the truth resides Oblivious to its future strength, a seedling sprouts and blindly pushes through the soil. Its new leaves [...]


Silent Service

“The Battalion sailed from New York Harbor on August 11,1944 at 1205 hours, and after a fine smooth voyage on the SS John Ericcson, arrived at Liverpool, England on August 21…Then, suddenly [...]