A Corona Cut

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A Corona Cut may soon become a trend. Spouses are bravely stepping up to cut each other’s hair. And Dads are dusting off their clippers to give their sons a trim while Moms search for more scrunchies and hair clips to keep the longer hair out of their daughter’s eyes.

But, this activity is not limited to adults. Some kids want to get in on the action too.

Stay at home orders need to be followed for the safety of all of us. But the quarantine should come with a warning.

Beware of unsupervised time and busy little hands .

And this is exactly what happened in my family that inspired me to write this poem.

Last week my son shared a family moment gone bad. He and his wife had just taken a few moments to check on a new powder room fixture that my son had installed. Their three-year-old daughter and five-year-old son slipped upstairs to my granddaughter’s bedroom which contained a kid-sized pink plastic vanity. And the rest is history…

The Corona Cut

‘Twas a day full of rain and not much to do,

Will told Emmy he had an idea, just for the two.

“Since Dad said my pony’s mane can’t be cut,

I’ll try your hair, no ifs, ands, or buts.”

Emmy agreed and sat still in the chair,

while Will took the kid shears and started cutting her hair.

Snip, snip, the locks fell on to the floor,

“Oh wait little sister, I have to do more.”

Front, back, both sides got a trim,

until Will was satisfied with his afternoon whim.

“Look Mom and Dad we have a surprise for you two,

side by side they stood , out in plain view.

Dad stifled a laugh and Mom started to cry,

“Thank goodness the scissors did not take out an eye!”

The evidence lay on the rug like a dead bunny,

“Please, please kids, this is NOT funny!”

Emmy was showered to rinse hairs from her neck,

while Will insisted, “She asked, so what the heck?”

The scissors now rest in a safe spot,

and tucked into bed are the two little tots.

The hair will grow back for the sweet little girl,

and maybe the regrowth will produce a small curl.

             the evidence

Thank you Will and Emmy for giving your Mimi the inspiration for a creative moment. And thank you for the laughter that still fills my heart.



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  • Vanessa Hyson


    Oh My Word, sounds like your sounds laughed but your daughter-in-law did exactly what most mothers would do.
    I on the other hand had to Smile and be Thankful it was just their hair that was cut. Thank You for sharing
    and making me Smile.

  • Kim K Meredith

    Laughter is a great equalizer. Smiles are meant to be shared.
    Best to you!

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