Twelve Days of Christmas: Ninth Day

 In Lessons from a Small Town

     One year’s Christmas house in Ames

My parents bought our home in Ames, New York in 1951. A year later, I arrived and joined my sister. By 1955, we were a family of six. I have called it my home ever since. At Christmastime my mother went all out to enhance the beauty of our house. Inside and outside. When the exterior was the original white with black shutters and the front door was red, Mom made huge candy canes out of white Styrofoam canes wrapped in red ribbon. She affixed two candy canes in a criss-cross pattern on each window. That year I called our house the Candy Cane House.


On the Ninth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me….

nine candy canes,

 miniature candy canes

eight Christmas angels,

new and old Christmas angels


seven pickle liqueurs

antique ice bucket and pickle liqueurs

six cookie cutters,

three generations of cookie cutters

five… Christ…mas cards,

My favorite Burgess Christmas cards 1956,1957,1960,1961,1963

four vintage snowmen,

old fashioned snowmen candles purchased in 1990’s

three special balls,

David’s, Samantha’s and Richard’s ornaments

two wooden skis,

 Kim’s wooden skis
     (circa 1956)

and a Christmas plate for Santa’s midnight snack.

1978 Christmas cookie plate

Just three more.




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