Twelve Days of Christmas: Seventh Day

 In Lessons from a Small Town

                  the Christmas Pickle

I purchased our Christmas Pickle in the late 80’s and with it added a pickle hunt  to my family’s traditions. On Christmas Eve, I hid the pickle deep within the multitude of ornaments on our family tree. Samantha and Rick looked for the pickle. A miniature Whitman’s box of chocolates was the reward. We enjoyed this activity for many years. Now my children are adults and we have switched up the prize. Other adult family members and friends have joined the hunt. The winner gets bragging rights and all participants partake in shots of assorted libations. In addition, the grandchildren are now picking up the tradition and their prize of course reverts back to the original sweet treats.


On the Seventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

seven pickle liqueurs,

antique ice bucket and pickle  liqueurs

six cookie cutters,

three generations of cookie cutters

five… Christ…mas cards,

My favorite Burgess Christmas cards 1956,1957,1960,1961,1963

four vintage snowmen,

old fashioned snowmen candles purchased in 1990’s

three special balls,

David’s, Samantha’s and Richard’s ornaments

two wooden skis,

Kim’s wooden skis
          ( circa 1956)

and a Christmas plate for Santa’s midnight snack.

1978 Christmas cookie plate

We have passed over the half-way mark now.


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