A Shared Sister’s Whisper

I grew up with three sisters. There were many whispers and a few shouts. Christine arrived first. I came eighteen months later. Jill and Vanessa joined us after a one year pause and settled in [...]


Cupid’s Whispers

In February it is difficult to get away from the focus on couples. The best locations belong to romantic tables for two in expensive restaurants. Pampered pairs receive exceptional [...]


Past and Future Whispers

  Towards the end of December, humanity turns up the volume and whispers can be hard to detect.  It becomes a challenge to tune in the frequency of our inner voice. Households fill up with [...]


Whispers from the Ghost of Christmas Past

You know those familiar whispers from The Ghost of Christmas Past: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” “I’ll be home for Christmas…” [...]


Thankful for What?

      November Whisper: Thankful for What? Thanksgiving is a good start to the holiday season. It is not a gift giving event so we don’t have to stress about the shopping count-down. All [...]


Holiday Whispers

Look out! Here come the four months that host the most emotionally charged holidays on the calendar. They cruelly come in succession during a time when daylight hours evaporate and Seasonal [...]


A Vice-Presidential Whisper

  Vice-President Joe Biden recently gave our nation a special whisper. I am not talking about the political announcement concerning his intention not to run for President of the United [...]


Water Whispers

I recently read about a form of eco-therapy practiced in Japan called Shinrin Yoku.   Literally, this Japanese name describes the ritual of “taking in the forest atmosphere”. The [...]


A Whisper to Solitude

Hello solitude. You scared me when I first met you. My grief insisted upon your presence. You were so quiet. So empty. I didn’t want to be your friend. I wanted you to go away and never come [...]


4 Tips to Tune into Your Whispers

I can’t imagine my life now without my whispers. A 1977 whisper turned me into a best friend, a wife and a mother. That was good. But 15 years later, a loud and frightening whisper left me a [...]