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Great news, I have a new story release in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul book! Grieving, Loss and Healing is the book’s title. February 22, 2022 is the release date. My story is titled, The Ring. By the way, this makes the fifth time I have had a story in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.  Here is the book’s link:

front cover
      February 22, 2022


This new story release, The Ring, is a heartfelt tale about what I did with my late husband’s wedding ring. When we lose a loved one, his or her possessions remain behind. It is difficult to let go of them. But I found a way to pass on the symbol of our marriage to our children who can then pass it on to theirs. A legacy of love never dies.

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  • Cynthia Warkoski

    Hola Mrs. Meredeth where do I find your published book at? I want to get one because my dad just passed away recently and it will help me get my mind off of him

    • Kim K Meredith

      I am very sorry for your loss. The Chicken Soup for the Soul book- Grieving, Loss, and Healing can be found at Barnes and Noble Book Stores and on Amazon. You will see my story “The Ring” on page 307. I hope it brings you some comfort.

      • Cynthia Warkoski

        Thank you Mrs Meredith I miss having you as my Spanish teacher because you are such an awesome and I have a new teacher first Spanish and I’m trying to little chef Elementary Spanish 1 I don’t know why it did not show up in my High School transcript I have to take Elementary Spanish 1 and 2 before I graduate and I only have eight classes left before I get my associates in human services

  • Capi Cohen

    Coached along by our mutual friend, Connie Pombo, my story has ended up right behind yours in this new book. We also both had stories in the Elder are book. Small world.

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