Twelve Days of Christmas: Twelfth Day

One Christmas I decided that I needed to really get into the spirit and play Santa. I cobbled together the best costume possible with the meager resources at hand. Then I made my sisters play [...]


A Special Christmas Gift

Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some have ribbons and some have bows. I wrote this story in 2012 about one of the best gifts I ever received. My story appeared in three holiday [...]


Four Generations of Halloween Costumes

Halloween in Ames, NY in the 1950’s and 60’s was simple, yet memorable. For me, the focal point of the scary season was the anticipation. Once the leaves started to fall and waist-high orange, [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Sixteen

The view on the beach of my son and daughter playing with their own children mirrored my life of three decades ago. I thanked God for the reflection. Ocean Whisper: The ripples of my life pool [...]


The Daily Shell: Shell Number Nine

Young girls sold painted sea shells on the sidewalk outside of their beach house. I bought four. Ocean Whisper: My grandchildren will inherit my world; I like to pave the way with kindness. [...]


The Daily Shell: Number Eight

“Here.” Will, my two-year-old grandson picked up the first shell he saw and handed it to me. His decision was swift. Ocean Whisper: Measured decision making skills take years to fully [...]


Olivia’s House

  What a pretty girl’s name for a very beautiful place. I was invited by the Founder and Bereavement Specialist, Leslie Delp, to visit her premier freestanding, independent grief and [...]