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Exit Zero likes Henri!

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On July 15, 2021 I decided to explore the very tip of Cape May, NJ in search of more venues for Henri’s Home.


It was a hot summer day. I had never been to this part of Cape May NJ. I had previously visited the beautiful, historic Victorian downtown. But, there was more to see.

Cape May-Lewes Ferry boat

So, I drove to the very end of the Cape May Peninsula.  Here I saw a Cape May-Lewes Ferry on its ocean route to Delaware in the distance.

I admired the open sandy area named Sunset Beach. For the most part, the beach was empty.

            Sun Set Beach

Then, my eyes shifted to a large object just off the shoreline. I later researched the story of the wreck in the Delaware Bay. Due to a shortage of steel, the Liberty Ship Building Company built twelve concrete cargo ships. However, after its official service, the SS Atlantus ran aground in a storm on June 8, 1926. It was 150 feet off the coast of Sunset Beach.  Even though its slowly deteriorating hull is barely recognizable, it still draws tourists.

       SS Atlantus hull

Next, I drove back towards the downtown area in search of the Exit Zero store.

Jack Wright, the owner of Exit Zero Publishing & Filling Station, had agreed to take a chance on ten copies of both Henri’s Home and The Henri’s Home Coloring Book. This unique gift shop contains an assortment of Exit Zero merchandise along with other beach related items.  So, I bought an Exit Zero t-shirt for my souvenir and dropped off my books. http://www.exitzero.com



Thank you Jack! I am glad Exit Zero likes Henri. I liked Exit Zero! 

So if you are in Cape May NJ, make sure to plan a stop at Exit Zero. Visit the gift shop. Henri is there! And you can also have an amazing, funky dining experience with nightly summertime live entertainment. It is worth the trip!

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