A Christmas Wish

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My four-year-old grandson Max took his turn sitting on Santa’s lap during his pre-school’s holiday breakfast. It was his chance to have a one-on-one discussion about Christmas with the featured, important man.

“What would you like Santa to bring you?” asked the large red clad figure in a deep voice.

“Oh Santa, “ Max thoughtfully started, “you can just surprise me.

Hearing his response loud and clear, the other parents reacted with a curious smile while my daughter knowingly nodded her head. She was well aware of the sensitivity and early wisdom of her precious son. In our family, we sometimes refer to Max as an “old soul” and we all marvel at his unique and sophisticated view of the world. That morning, a few others were given a glimpse into his clever insight.

“Who is the wisest man? He who neither knows or wishes for anything else than what happens.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Wishes are opportunities to express our deepest desires. They are special, imaginative moments to project our thoughts and hopes for something better. The toss of a coin in a fountain, a tug on a turkey “wishbone”, or the whispering of a secret thought which is then carried on a shooting star, all provide occasions to visit that inward, sacred place. Sage and sensitive individuals often travel beyond the superficial requests for material things and seize the chance to make a plea for a better world or for good fortune and joy for another in need.

“Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.” ( Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

In the end we must all accept our place in the world, but we can continue to fill it with hope and good wishes.

During this special time of year I wish for all of us to spread love and kindness, both within our own families and to strangers in need. I wish that we would take a moment out of our busy lives to reach out and help to weave together the positive threads of humanity into a beautiful, rich tapestry that can cloak and protect us in times of trouble and warm us through the cold nights of loneliness and despair. I wish for Max and for all of my family and for you and yours, a deepened appreciation of the multitude of gifts that we have been given and to be surprised by them everyday.

God bless everyone and may your special Christmas Wish come true!





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