The Truth Tree

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The Living Tree Paint wears off.

Lacquer chips.

Stain fades.

But underneath them all, the truth resides

Oblivious to its future strength, a seedling sprouts and blindly pushes through the soil. Its new leaves unfold, bending instinctively towards the warmth of the sun for nourishment. Juvenile stalks command their roots to plunge far into the earth in search of water and stability. Amber colored rings mark the years. The daily hardships dictate their thickness while layer by layer the tree takes shape and establishes its place on the landscape. Eventually the bark hardens and the core is preserved.

It is difficult to stay true to oneself. Moments of weakness tempt us to switch course. False bravadoes nudge us into the passing lane where we exceed the speed limit. The fierce gales of dishonesty tempt us to sway in their direction. But in our own quiet solitude, we recognize our true reflection.

Stay strong. Hold on tightly my friends.

We cannot select the bookends of our lives, but we can control the middle. Allow yourself to bend with the prevailing winds of life. A few leaves may fall, but a new season of growth will eventually come to replenish the loss. Accept the temporary bare branches with grace.

Trust your instincts. Don’t settle for shallow roots that can be easily upended in a storm. And don’t forget to wear your rings proudly. They are the evidence of the hard work that make you the strong person that you are today. Stay true to yourself and make your life as authentic as possible.



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  • Carol Sue Piros

    Totally agree with your writing for today. I would not trade any of the rough parts of my life because they have helped to mold and shape me into the spiritual being that I am today. Life is good! Happy retirement, you will love it! Carol

    • Kim K Meredith

      Thanks for your comment “Ames sister”. I know you ” get it”!

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