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Spring is the season that reminds me to clear the clutter.

       cardinal in the clutter

Every spring, I religiously scour each flower bed for winter residue. Dead branches, crumpled brown leaves, and empty acorn shells linger on the path of my hungry gardening gloves.

Stooped over with my head close to the earth, I carefully inspect each inch of soil below me. In order to prepare for a new season, I must clear everything in my orbit. I transform the landscape to bare, smooth ground in preparation for a new season of beauty and growth.

The clear the clutter project comes inside too. Tired clothes and shoes that remained in my closet far too long are relegated to a nearby charity drop-box. But first, I have to inspect each item and perhaps try on a piece or two. Then, I must resist the temptation to keep a rarely worn item by denying…. well I might wear that.

Next, my kitchen cabinets experiencel the wrath of clear the clutter. A search and seizure finds expired food in the corners of my cabinets and old beers in the mini-fridge. By filling the trash cans and recycle bin, I eliminate fodder for ridicule from my children. In addition, I make space for usable products.

Lastly, the mind. Now there’s a real jungle! Where to start to clear the clutter?

      pathway to Spring

I read that the brain reorganizes stressors by connecting them to previous experiences and attempts to purge them in dreams. Hmmm-mmm…this process is like a natural weed whacker. And boy do I have some vivid dreams that clear away my mental mishmash!

It is important for me to clear away the vines and brambles that prevent me from being my best. What do I want? What makes me happy? Simple questions that prompt thought provoking answers circulate in my head.

When I am outside with my hands in the dirt, I ponder these toughies. To help, I put butterfly wings on my heart and let it fly up to my head. I try to toss out the muck of over analyzed decisions and unhealthy choices. The road blocks and detours come down as I forge a straight path ahead.

Now, I am ready for a new season of beautiful living.


(originally posted as Clearing out the Underbush 6/13/13. Edits were made. Pictures added.)

      pansies whisper springtime


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