Thank a Tree

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When was the last time you thought to thank a tree?

A tree removes carbon dioxide from the air and replaces it with oxygen. Sap from maple trees turns into maple syrup. Strong branches give birds a place to build a nest. Leaves provide shade. Dirt stays in place thanks to a tree’s roots. So many reasons to thank a tree.

In the beginning, a seedling sprouts and pushes through the soil. Its tiny leaves unfold. They bend instinctively towards the warmth of the sun for nourishment. Soon, juvenile stalks command their roots to plunge far into the earth in search of water and stability.

In the process, amber colored rings form to mark the years. The daily hardships dictate their thickness. Layer by layer, the tree takes shape and establishes its place on the landscape. Eventually, the bark hardens and the core is preserved.

Season after season, the tree evolves.

In the springtime, flowering trees show off their blossoms.

springtime flowering pink dogwood

In the summertime, the tree’s foliage is in full force. Cool shade provides relief for all below.

Lake George NY summertime trees

Fall puts on a tree fashion show. Reds, oranges, and yellows paint the landscape.

               fall red maples

Winter time is a time for rest. The leaves are gone. A white blanket protects its roots. Hush! let the trees sleep.

         a winter morning

I want to thank a tree because it is a good role model.

As a sapling, I leaned into the warmth of my family as my stalk strengthened. In time,  I learned to be independent. And when the winds of temptation blew, I swayed, but did not break. I kept reaching upward while my roots firmly planted themselves and grounded me.

My rings, the lines on my face, are outward signs of the authentic life I am living. Some are thicker and deeper than others. I wear my rings proudly. My branches reach out to embrace my family. Under my canopy of warm hugs, laughter abounds.

Through the years, my bark thickens with experience. It shields my soul.

And with each season of my life, there is a special beauty to behold. Each stage gives me a new look as I grow stronger.

How about you? Should you thank a tree?


(originally posted as “The Truth Tree” on 7/31/14. Edits were made. Photos were added.)



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  • Carol Sue Piros

    Kim, I am a true “tree hugger”! In my orchard I hug my huge Hass avocado tree and talk to it a lot. My hammock is beneath it in summer so I can enjoy the shade and cool ocean breeze that comes up around 2:30 pm daily. Our orange trees give our neighborhood fruit and us shade near the patio. I love trees. I loved hiking in the woods behind our childhood homes in Ames, NY. The sounds and stillness of the woods still call to me despite having the ocean only 20 minutes away! Love your posts. Carol

    • Kim K Meredith

      I know that you are much more than a “tree hugger” Carol Sue. You are a Master Gardener with a very green thumb. I think our life in a small town surrounded by uninterrupted nature fostered a true love of nature. It is in our blood. I am lucky to live in Lancaster County, spend time at the beach in the summer, visit my sister at her summer home in Lake George, and annually return to Ames. The pandemic gave me more time to observe nature, and that was a silver lining to a tough time.
      I hope you are well and have many future days in the hammock.

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