The Daily Shell: Ocean Whispers- Introduction

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           summer low tide
       Ocean City, NJ 2017

A shell shouted to me from the sand. The volume of my whispers could not be turned down.

Since that unforgettable autumn day in 1976, when the message- this is the man you are going to marry–  catapulted from my soul to my ears, my whispers, my inner voice, have blared in my head like a bull horn demanding attention. Sometimes the outbursts herald good news. Sometimes the announcements contain sad news. But my whispers cannot be ignored.

I wrote about my initial whisper experience in my first book Listen for the Whispers: Coping with Grief and Learning to Live Again. (2010)  

Of course, my whispers accompanied me to Ocean City, New Jersey in June 2017. I always invite my whispers.

Early morning low tide walks provided the Daily Shell.

The still of the night unlocked the sacred place in my soul and let my Ocean Whispers flow. One sentence. No more. A simple thought.

My six weeks at the beach gave me the luxury to relax and focus on my inner voice. Amazingly, each morning the waves deposited a special shell on the shoreline and it caught my attention. Sometimes, a relative or a friend spotted the shell for me. Attached to the frothy swells, a whisper flowed into my heart and I put pen to paper before I went to bed each night.


shoreline shell deposit

Starting on Monday August 7, 2017 and for the next forty-two week days, I will post one entry under the new blog category The Daily Shell: Ocean Whispers on my web site:  I encourage you to check out my daily post. To make things easier, I suggest you subscribe to my blog on the home page of my web site if you have not already done so. The Daily Shell: Ocean Whisper will automatically flow into your email in-box.

I look forward to sharing a corner of my summer soul with you.

 morning beach walk


I wish you the best as you tune into your own whispers.

I ask you to share your comments, reactions and whispers.

We all have whispers.  Sometimes we just need to stop, and listen a little more closely.




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