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Few losses are more challenging than losing your spouse, your partner, your love, your soul mate. How do you cope with the loneliness, the despair, your children and their pressing needs, and waking up alone in your bed? Who’s going to cook dinner? Who’s going to handle financial tasks? How do you find love again? Helping you find hope is our mission at the Open to Hope Foundation. We’ve gathered a variety of stories from experts and authors who have walked this path before you. With a large dose of empathy, solace, and even a touch of humor at times, they share how they met the challenges, how they held their families together, and how they rebuilt their futures. It is our heartfelt hope that you will find yourself thinking, “Well, if they can do it, then I can as well.” We know you can.

Kim K. Meredith shares multiple stories in this collection, available on amazon.com

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