Thanksgiving Glad Game: Day #1

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The glad game was my favorite part of the 1960 Disney movie Pollyanna. In this classic film, based on the 1913 book of the same name by Eleanor H. Porter, Pollyanna, a perky, flaxen-haired young girl, moved to live with her Aunt Polly after being orphaned.

From the very beginning of her arrival, Pollyanna spread good cheer. When the little girl met with resistance from her dour Aunt and some skeptical townspeople, the child explained the glad game that her father taught her before he died. Her dad believed that no matter what happens, there’s always something to be glad about. As a result of this lesson, she encouraged the grown-ups to dig down deep in their mature inner selves and unlock a personal gratitude. Meanwhile, the inspirational pixie continued to search for the good in everyone. Pollyanna’s uplifting spirit prevailed in the end  and she single handily brought a new sense of joy to the whole town.

Join me for the next seven days leading up to Thanksgiving for our own Glad Game.  

Each day I will post my Thanksgiving Glad Game entry. I invite you to play along with me and share your own personal positive thoughts by starting with I am glad…

I will start us off with my first entry:

Day #1:

I am glad I am finally comfortable in my own skin. I recently turned 66 and I believe now I understand who I am. I can say no when I really do not want to do something. I do not fear rebuke. I can say yes when I truly want to do something. I do not feel undue self-indulgence. I am glad to be me.


            Big me. Big chair.

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  • Linnea

    Nice idea Kim ~ I’ll play the Glad Game!

    I am glad… that retirement has afforded me time to be less impatient with situations and people. I remember the days when time was a luxury that I couldn’t afford and it seemed that, no matter what, I was always in a hurry. Nowadays I don’t mind giving up my place to someone who needs it more than I do!

    • Kim K Meredith

      Thank for playing Linnea. I agree. Retirement is something to be glad for. And time is a precious by-product of that gift. Keep playing friend!

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