Thanksgiving Glad Game : Day #3

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Vanessa, Jill. Christine and Kim

I am glad I have three sisters in my family. I am number two of 4 girls born in a five-year time span.

Mom and Dad provided the main course of my DNA. Good genes and strong moral values sustained my body and soul. But like all children, the best part of the meal was the dessert. And my three sisters were the dessert. They provided the sweetness that still ligers on my tongue long after the meal has been digested.

Sure we had our sister spats growing up. Bike and trike collisions on the driveway caused tears in the early years. Lipstick wars in the teenage years prevailed. However, the invisible bond of sisterhood transcends across the miles and lifts us up as we take our places in the front of the family line.

I am glad to be a sister.


Clearwater Beach FL       Christine, Kim, Jill and Vanessa


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