The Daily Shell: Farewell

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                gull prints in the sand


As a writer, I know what is in my head and what I want to empty out. But, I never know for certain where my messages will land. I can watch my words expand on my computer screen. However, when I write, I cannot see a reader’s face.  And so, I continue to type, edit and then hit publish and secretly wait for a like.

Actually my sister Christine Burgess Gordon started this shell journey. Last winter she introduced me to Anne Morrow Lindbergh‘s book Gift from the Sea. In 2005, the author’s daughter, Reeve Lindbergh, released the fiftieth anniversary edition. Chris knows the ocean is my happy place. That book jump-started my project.

                                                                                   Thank you Chris! I love you.


                      low tide
        Ocean City, NJ Summer 2017

Upon my arrival in Ocean City, NJ at the end of June 2017, I already had a plan. But doubt lurked. Would I find sufficient special shells? Would inspiration ooze from each discovery? Thankfully, my whispers did not let me down. Inspirational thoughts stacked up in my heart each day. Every morning, a shell popped out on the beach and screamed pick me up!


And now, it is time to say farewell to The Daily Shell: Ocean Whispers. I do not do good-byes of any kind very well. Sometimes I squint my eyes to hold back tears and pretend the sun is in my eyes. Or I turn my back and quickly skip away and shout over my shoulder, ‘bye, gotta go. Yet, we cannot have hellos if we do not clear the run-way with good-byes. So, the time is here to say good-bye.

Thank you reader friends for all of your thoughtful, kind and supportive comments. I never knew if my messages would strike a chord with anyone. But through the weeks I learned my posts mattered. Sometimes my pre-written summer thoughts coincided with the events of the posted day. These were not coincidences, but whispers. 

a morning friend

One last thing. I am contemplating gathering up all the Daily Shell blog posts and compiling them into a small book. You know, the kind you find on the circular table in the front of Barnes and Noble when you enter. Or on people’s night stands… or in their bathrooms… or tucked in Christmas stockings. That way if you missed a Daily Shell, you could find it. If you liked an Ocean Whisper, you could re-read it.

What do you think? I welcome feed-back. And feel free to tell me if a  particular shell spoke to you. I would love to hear from you.

It has been an interesting, exciting journey and an exercise in self-disciple for me. I enjoyed creating every post. Thank you for your readership and your validation that indeed hearts are connected by very small gestures.


         Good-bye Daily Shells! 







             Good-bye Ocean Whispers!                                                         






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  • John Chest

    Kim this was a wonderful adventure thank you .Looking forward to your next adventure.please bring me along.

    • Kim K Meredith

      Thank you John. You will have a reserved seat on the next adventure.

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