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The Daily Shell: Ocean Whispers


A Shared Sister’s Whisper

I grew up with three sisters. There were many whispers and a few shouts. Christine arrived first. I came eighteen months later. Jill and Vanessa [...]

Cupid’s Whispers

In February it is difficult to get away from the focus on couples. The best locations belong to romantic tables for two in expensive restaurants. [...]

Past and Future Whispers

  Towards the end of December, humanity turns up the volume and whispers can be hard to detect.  It becomes a challenge to tune in the [...]


Sister Whispers

For the past 4 years in mid-August, my older sister Christine has invited me to her fabulous, rustic cabin on Lake George, New York. With my [...]

You Are My Hero

  After a brief illness, my late husband’s 92 year-old father, David S. Kluxen Sr., took his last breath this week. The details of his death [...]

Lessons from a Small Town