Thanksgiving Glad Game : #6

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            Me, Samantha and Rick

I am glad my kids like me.

Parenting is scary. You want to do the best, but sometimes doubt creeps in. Children do not come with a manual.

My husband died when my daughter was 12 years old and my son was 10 years old. In my hour of darkness, I feared the world of single parenthood.

Would I continue to make the right choices without my sounding board? Or would I succumb to fatigue and fail?

Fortunately, our guardian angel guided us to more days in the sunshine than in the darkness. We became a strong threesome. We helped each other.

And now, my children are parents too. My son and daughter understand the challenges I faced. But most of all, my kids never stopped liking me.

I am glad we came through the fog together.


Rick, me, Samantha and our dog Harry

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